World Cup 2010: Uruguay Coach Oscar Tabarez Intends To Exploit Netherlands Weaknesses

Even the best have weaknesses...
Uruguay coach Oscar Tabarez has acknowledged that World Cup semi-finals opponents Netherlands are a better team than his side but declared that there are ways of beating better teams as he dreams of a place in Sunday's final.

Tabarez is expecting the Dutch side to attack and identified Arjen Robben as a key figure for the Oranje but he believes there are weaknesses that the last remaining South American side in the tournament can expose.

"The Dutch don't know a football without attacking, and this national team does just that, add to that a defensive efficiency and that is the reality," he told a press conference before singling Robben out as the danger man.

"He's a great player, he is very fast and has a very long stride, making it very difficult to tackle him.

"They are superior to us as a collective team in terms of possession of the ball, but in coaching courses and in the manuals there are ways to beat stronger teams.

"We will try to exploit their weaknesses, because even the best teams have them. Losing is a possibility, but nobody knows what will happen. If we did not have dreams we would not be here."

Oscar Tabarez's press conference, with English voice over, is on the video below.

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