FIFA Begin Investigation Into Australia World Cup 2022 Bid After Bribery Claim

FIFA has begun an investigation into the Australia World Cup 2022 bid after allegations of bribery emerged.

Newspaper the Sydney Morning Herald had reported that offers of jewellry had been made to the wives of the football governing body's voters and an executive committee member was offered an all-expenses trip.

FIFA has reacted quickly to the news and a spokesman confirmed "it is looking into this matter." The Australian team has denied any improper behaviour and stated they stayed within the ethics rules laid down by the organisation.

FIFA says World Cup bidders can give gifts of "symbolic or incidental value and that exclude any influence on a decision in relation to the bidding process." The ruling executive will choose the 2018 and 2022 World Cup hosts in December, where Australia will hope to fight of competiton from countries including Qatar, the USA and South Korea.