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World Cup 2010: Paraguay Success Leads To Naming Confusion

World Cup 2010: Paraguay Success Leads To Naming Confusion

Legendary Spanish singer Alejandro Sanz becomes the latest in a long line of public figures to confuse the Guaranies with fellow South Americans Uruguay.

Paraguay's World Cup exploits seem to finally have the world talking about the landlocked South American nation... More or less.

There seems to be some confusion in the wider world between the Guaranies and South American neighbours Uruguay, leading to some embarassing gaffes from new celebrity fans.

"Ole Paraguay. Forlan is a great player," legendary Spanish singer Alejandro Sanz announced on Twitter after the Albirroja dispatched Slovakia 2-0 on Sunday, despite the fact that Forlan pulls on the celeste shirt of Uruguay.

After being inundated with replies from indignant Paraguay fans, Sanz was forced to correct his original statement.

"Oops, I just realised that Forlan is Uruguayan. Congratulations Paraguay for the 2-0, you will be in my memories. And Forlan is still great even if he is Uruguayan, haha."

Multiple Latin Grammy winner Sanz is not the first famous person to confuse the two nations, according to Paraguayan newspaper Cronica. Rock star Jon Bon Jovi, on tour in Paraguay, told local media how pleased he was to be in Uruguay.

Perhaps more surprising however was former Cuban president Fidel Castro making the same slip: the committed campaigner for Latin American solidarity and co-operation also referred to the country as Uruguayan.

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