World Cup 2010: Competition Opens With Spectacular Performance

The waiting is finally over...
World Cup 2010 opened successfully at Soccer City, Johannesburg on Friday afternoon, with hundreds of performers taking to the field to demonstrate their talents if front of an enthusiastic audience of fans.

Those who turned up early for the South Africa–Mexico match, which will open up the competition on a sporting level, were treated to a variety of acts, including traditional dances and various demonstrations of African brotherhood, emphasising the importance of the tournament as a whole to the landmass.

Following a display of the continent’s more historical culture, the ceremony, which was marked by colour and the smiling faces of those in the crowd, was given a more contemporary feel by the addition of several musical acts from around Africa. Hip Hop Pantsula and Femi Kuti ultimately gave way to American singer R Kelly, who entertained the crowd with the Soweto Spiritual Singers.

The ceremony was, however, sadly without the presence of South African statesman Nelson Mandela, whose great-granddaughter was killed in a car crash on Thursday evening.

By the time the performers cleared the park, the sound of vuvuzelas had begun to become audible, as the fans began to ramp up the noise in anticipation of the tournament’s opening encounter.

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