World Cup 2010: You Will See The Real Italy On June 14 - Fabio Cannavaro

Cannavaro and Gilardino duck and weave following harsh criticism post Mexico defeat...
Italy captain Fabio Cannavaro has tried to reassure fans ahead of the World Cup after receiving a hornets storm of criticism following the 2-1 friendly defeat to Mexico.

While post match excuses stayed the same with players shifting the blame to altitude training, Cannavaro promised the real Italy will emerge from the tunnel on June 14 against Paraguay, telling the tifosi and press to embrace the maxim to forgive and forget.

"It's no excuse, but the gap in physical condition transformed the night into a poor result, but a good training session for us," he told the press.

"We have to improve, and we will, so that we are ready for Paraguay on June 14.

"As for the critics, they will always surround us at the World Cup, but they are a good thing for us. We will be ok this time too..."

Alberto Gilardino was quiet against the Mexicans, but he was eager to echo Cannavaro's belief.

"It's not a problem if I didn't receive any service. It's a problem in relation to our physical condition. You will see the real Italy against Paraguay," concluded the striker.

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