World Cup 2010: Theo Walcott 'Doesn't Seem To Understand The Game' And Deserved To Miss England Spot - Chris Waddle

Ex-Spurs wideman a long-time critic of young Gunner...
Former England winger Chris Waddle has no sympathy for Theo Walcott after his World Cup omission, saying he "doesn't seem to understand the game".

Waddle, 49, famously blasted the Arsenal wide-man before his hat-trick against Croatia during the World Cup qualifying campaign. Fast forward two years and the 62-times capped player is convinced Fabio Capello's decision on Tuesday to leave Walcott at home has vindicated his previous criticism.

Speaking to BBC Radio 5 Live, he said: "He's had a long time at Arsenal, he's playing with fantastic players, a lot of young players around his age group. He's never nailed his shirt at Arsenal.

"I've got nothing against the lad. I just think it's no surprise for me he's not on the plane. I look and I just think he doesn't seem to understand the game."

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