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Cost has proved an insurmountable obstacle for many wannabe spectators.

Almost 40% of football fans say they have been priced out of attending the 2010 FIFA World Cup due to spiralling costs ahead of the finals in South Africa.
In a poll conducted by, 39.74% of the 12,840 fans that took part said that the overall cost of the trip, including flights, tickets and living expenses, ruled them out of the world’s most popular sporting event.

A further 15.31% of those questioned across 19 editions of said that concerns about security made them opt against attending, particularly in Japan and Korea - where 48.23% and 38.18% of fans respectively cited this issue as the main reason for them not attending - whilst just 13.64% of users said that they will travel to South Africa when the tournament begins in June.

There have been fears that a combination of high ticket prices, expensive travel and inflated accommodation and living costs would result in thousands of unsold tickets, and as recently as the beginning of May official organisers acknowledged that 270,000 of a final batch of tickets – 10% of the overall amount - remained unsold.

Package trips include flights, accommodation, one match ticket and coach transfers to and from the stadium start at around €1,200, available from a number of companies. Return flights from Europe average at around €600 per person, ensuring that trips would prove costly even if ticket prices for the matches themselves for the 2010 FIFA World Cup are among the lowest in history. Chief Content Officer Michael Simpson said: “These poll results are illustrative of many of the concerns that our users have expressed in recent months, namely the cost of supporting their team at the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

“These concerns are perhaps reflected in the number of tickets still to be bought, and it is a shame that such a celebration of football cannot be opened up to all.”

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