World Cup 2010: It Will Be A Failure If England Don't Reach The Final - Fabio Capello

No final will mean failure for England boss...
England coach Fabio Capello has set the tone for the World Cup with a clear mandate to his players: anything less than reaching the final will be seen as "failure".

Despite a difficult year in relation to backroom dramas involving off-the-pitch player allegations and the loss of John Terry's captaincy, Capello is ready to transform the fortunes of English football on the world stage.

"[Do I feel pressure?] No. It's part of the game and I came here for this [to win the World Cup]. For me, not arriving in the final would be a failure," he told La Stampa.

And he has created a power vacuum within the Three Lions group, releasing the psychological handbrake that saw previous attempts to win the World Cup screech to a dramatic halt.

Capello explained how he has made the changes.

"With psychology. Speaking plenty, establishing rules. Restoring the players' pride in wearing the shirt. When I arrived I saw players witched off, scared and without a sense of belonging. Surprised, I tightened up the bolts and imposed severity. And now the group is like cement," he added.

John Terry's situation divided the country, but Capello's iron fist hammered out the differences.

"He is someone who makes a difference, a real leader, but I couldn't have done differently. He knows that for me values come first," he continued.

"I was in Italy when it happened and I receieved a call telling me what had been going on. I reflected on it, and called John. He is an adult and a serious man. We looked at each other and I told him: 'The captain must also be an example for everyone. I cannot leave you with the armband'."

Capello is eager to bring the FIFA trophy back to the home of the world game, but is well aware that other quality teams stand in the way of progress.

"There are many teams with talent. Argentina, Spain, but above all Brazil," he concluded.

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