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The Tunisian international says that he’ll never experience as big a letdown in his entire career.

Valenciennes midfielder Fahid Ben Khalfallah may be having a fantastic season at club level in Ligue 1 but the player has told that he still is haunted by missing out on the dream of participating in the World Cup after him and Tunisia crashed out of contention for the tournament with a 1-0 away loss to Mozambique on the final day of CAF qualifying.

“It’s my biggest disappointment as a footballer. I definitely won’t have a disappointment bigger than that because we really saw ourselves there. I saw myself at the World Cup. We had the team for it but we didn’t achieve it. I think about it all the time and the closer the World Cup gets, the more I think about it,” he said.

Following the heartache, Ben Khalfallah decided to skip the African Cup of Nations in Angola this past January even though he had been called up by the newly appointed Faouzi Benzarti and had initially accepted the invitation.

The decision lost him a lot of fans in the North African country as most onlookers assumed that he must have only been interested in Tunisia to advance his career. However, the player has since tried to make amends by saying that he was simply too distraught by the failure to reach the World Cup and that he couldn’t face international competition until he had completely gotten over the letdown.

Nevertheless, the French born player says that he is still very proud to have picked Tunisia, even though he admits it took a few tries to tempt him to join the Carthage Eagles.

“I have a double nationality. At one point in time I had a choice to make between the two national teams. As I’ve always said, I feel just as French as I do Tunisian. Tunisia contacted me a number of times but at first I wasn’t very warm to the idea. In the end, I decided to play for Tunisia and I’m proud of it,” he explained.

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