Ghana FA Reveals World Cup Earnings

The Ghana Football Association makes public what the country may earn from FIFA at next summer’s World Cup…
The Ghana Football Association has made public what the country would be earning before, during and after the World Cup in South Africa 2010.

In a press statement on its website, the General Secretary of the FA, Kofi Nsiah highlighted that following figures had came up at the FIFA 2010 World Cup draw in Cape Town last week:

• Each Participating Member Association (PMA) would be entitled to €675,000 preparation money payable in December 2009.

• For the group stage of 3 matches, each PMA will receive €5.4m payable after the competition.

• Each PMA will receive 50 business class air tickets from the country’s capital to South Africa and back.

• FIFA will pay €270 per member of the PMA’s delegation per day to cover the cost of accommodation and feeding. If the cost exceeds FIFA’s allowance, the PMA will be responsible for the payment of the difference.

• A total amount of €27 million will be allocated to participating member associations to pass on to the clubs from their associations who have helped to contribute to the successful staging of the competition. Taking into account the total number of teams, players and the duration of the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa, a ‘per player per day’ amount of approximately €1,080 will be paid.

• All remuneration of any kind (e.g. appearance fees, bonuses etc.) paid by the PMA to the Players in connection with their participation in the Championship, remuneration for friendly matches staged in South Africa before the Championship, and any other income received from the PMA for footballing activities in South Africa is liable to income tax in South Africa.

K.N.S. Mensah,