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Cape Town residents are proud to be living in a city where one of the finest stadiums has been constructed. spoke to people in and around the majestic World Cup host city of Cape Town, and it was discovered that the newly built stadium is a matter of great pride for the citizens of the South African city.

“It is a new landmark that this city is very proud of, the way it fills the skyline is impressive, it is a real beauty,” said Gareth, a security guard near the Waterfront.

Andrew works in a Cape Town hotel, and he loves the new stadium. “I went for a tour of the stadium and it is a magnificent arena. The roof is amazing and the shape of it suites the city of Cape Town well. Near the harbour and the Waterfront it fits in well with the coastline and the people here think it is a world class stadium. I am looking forward to watching a World Cup match or two there.”

Anita had a similar view. “It makes my hair stand on end to have such a wonderful stadium within walking distance of my home. It is amazing and the night-time lighting truly brings it to life.”

The Cape Town residents seem to be very happy with the World Cup venue, but they are not alone in exalting the stadium as a top quality football ground.

Robert Hormes, lead architect of the Cape Town Stadium and Knut Goeppert, the roof structural engineer recently gave their opinions of the masterpiece venue at a press conference.

"This is the most elegant stadium we have been involved with", said Goeppert, who has been involved in 15 football World Cup stadiums over the last 10 years. "The reality beats all drawings and computer animated images."

Hormes of GMP Architekten, Germany, was quoted at the beginning of the stadium construction as saying: "Any postcard or picture of world-famous Cape Town will be different from now on. There is no going back - ever. This has to be perfect". Now he says, "where to from here - I've done my best work!"

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