An African Team Can Win 2010 World Cup - George Weah

The Liberian legend believes an African team can be World Champions in 2010...
Former world football Player of the Year George Weah has made it clear that he wouldn't be surprised if an African team won the 2010 World Cup.

"We hope for that, it's not impossible. It's a difficult task but it's not impossible," Weah said, according to Reuters. "Ghana just won a junior world cup [FIFA Under-20 World Cup]. Why not."

"Years ago, we couldn't partake in the best player of Europe and the world. It happened. There is a high possibility that an African team can win a World Cup if it can prepare well."

Weah hoped that the new stadiums being built for the World Cup and the African Cup of Nations in Angola next year would lay a strong foundation for football in Africa.

"I'm sure all of the infrastructure they leave here will give people jobs, allow children to play in stadiums that are being built. A lot of kids don't have an opportunity to play on grass," concluded the Liberian.

An African team has never advanced beyond the quarter-finals of a World Cup so far.

Stefan Coerts,