Italy Defender Giorgio Chiellini: Netherlands Clash Is More Than Just A Friendly

The powerful defender is ready to tackle Holland to the ground with determination...

Italy defender Giorgio Chiellini is preparing himself for a rough and tumble encounter against the Netherlands, claiming it's more than just a friendly.

La Nazionale welcome the Oranje in Pescara on Saturday night. And the Juventus defender believes this is the perfect chance to sharpen their skills, and fire a warning shot ahead of the World Cup.

"At this point there are no more friendlies, especially with the World Cup so near," Chiellini told the press.

"This is a fundamental game for us in terms of South Africa. We will give our maximum and then we will see what happens. This certainly is not a friendly match from our point of view."

Napoli goalkeeper and Azzurri number three Morgan De Sanctis is also looking ahead to the rumble. He hopes his side can benefit from these friendly games as he urges cohesion and focus.

"The World Cup run starts now and we are all waiting to give the right responses. There is little time to become compact and create an even more solid group."

Salvatore Landolina,