Argentina's Clash With Uruguay Will Be 'Terrible' - Diego Simeone

El Ciclon's coach has refuted claims that 'El Diez' is too inexperienced to coach los Albicelestes...
Former Argentina international and current San Lorenzo coach Diego Simeone has admitted that he is not looking forward to their match with Uruguay in Montevideo on Wednesday.

The winner of the match will be guaranteed passage to the World Cup finals in South Africa, while the losers will be waiting anxiously to hear of the result in Ecuador's match with Chile.

"It will be terrible, even though Uruguay smoothed the way by winning in Quito," Simeone told El Mundo Deportivo.

"Whoever wins is going to the World Cup, but if Chile can beat the Ecuadorians, then the loser of Uruguay-Argentina goes into the play-off. It's a fight until the 90th minute, as it was against Peru."

Simeone then criticised those who believe that Diego Maradona is too inexperienced to handle the job of coaching national team, although he believes that los Albicelestes cannot rely on Lionel Messi too much.

"Maradona is not the problem. Or the whole problem. He has spent his whole life in football. Another thing is that he knows how to transmit his ideas to the players. I don't buy into his lack of experience - just look at [Pep] Guardiola...

"'Leo' plays well at Barcelona because there is a structure, a way of thinking and playing. Barcelona don't win just because of Messi."

Anthony Wright,