Confederations Cup: Street Vendors Get In On The Act speaks to vendors who are providing fans with a means to support their teams…
An interesting thing about South Africa, is that you can buy a great deal of goods from vendors at traffic lights and street corners, with those salesmen always providing goods that are current and relevant to sports events in the country or worldwide.

During the 2007 Rugby World Cup, the Springbok national jersey, and all sorts of green and gold memorabilia, was available throughout the country on the busiest intersections, with fans driving by on a daily basis to see what new supporter material there was to purchase.

Inevitably, the same happens when any football, rugby or cricket final approaches, or when a major sporting event nears. Basically, if one were to be unable to buy the morning newspaper, a quick drive by a busy traffic light intersection would teach them all they need to know about which sport is prominent at the time, and even which teams are playing for important titles.

This is the case today and in the past few days in Johannesburg and Tshwane, as noticed when driving around the city. No matter which match is about to take place that day, vendors will inevitably offer you the option to purchase either of the two countries’ flags, negotiating the best price to suit both your budget and his pocket.

Today the match between Brazil and Italy in Tshwane has taken the city by storm, and the street vendors have helped to add fuel to the supporter movement, and this will no doubt be the case during the 2010 World Cup as well.

Peter Pedroncelli,