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Bora Milutinovic shared his thoughts with the press following Iraq's goalless draw with New Zealand...

Iraq needed to score big tonight in their Confederations Cup clash with New Zealand if they were to have any hopes of progressing to the next stages.

However, despite Spain doing the Asian champions a favour by beating second-placed South Africa, Iraq lacked enough cutting edge to see themselves into the knock-outs.

"They really gave it their all," Iraq boss Bora Milutinovic told the press after the game.

"I congratulate my team for their performance and efforts. And at the same time i'd like to congratulate the South Africa team which has qualified for the next round.

"I really do believe that our boys gave it their all and I think they gave their best."

Milutinovic went on to discuss the potential within the Iraqi team, vocalising his hopes that his players could bring an air of positivity to their home country through the beautiful game.

"My real hope is that they will be able to play football with joy and that they can bring some happiness to Iraq," he went on.

"They have tactical organization and for that I'm very proud. They have talent."

The 64-year-old also spoke of his own plans for the future, revealing that he has not received any job offers from elsewhere.

"As for my future, I have not received any calls. If I receive a call, I will talk. But I must continue to live my life."

Stephen Crawford,