Confederations Cup Fan Predicitons: South Africa – Spain

South Africa have the seemingly impossible task of taking on the Spanish in tonight’s Confederations Cup action, but some fans believe that Bafana have a small chance…
In around an hour, the European champions will take on the Confederations Cup hosts in the last of their group stage matches at Free State Stadium in Bloemfontein, and while a point for South Africa will be enough to allow them to reach the semi-finals, the Furia Roja will be keen to get a point to secure their first place finish.

On the way to the stadium, spoke to a petrol pump attendant named Jacob, and he was hopeful of a draw for Bafana. “We have to try for the win, but against Spain it will be so tough, although hopefully a draw will be the result, because we need a point.”

A vendor close to the stadium was selling Spanish flags to fans passing in their cars, and he said, “It is impossible for Bafana to win. I would love it, because I am proud and I love my football and my country, but Spain are simply too good for us. It will be a good lesson for us though and I expect a 2-0 or maybe even 3-0.”

Armando clearly thought that there was hope for Bafana. “This is the last game of the group, in front of adoring fans, and Bafana have a good chance to show the world that they can deal with pressure. I want a draw, any draw, so that Spain go top and South Africa go through as well. I hope for a 1-1 or a 2-2 draw.”

Richard, aside from being a little drunk, was also very optimistic. “Modise, Pienaar and Parker will score a goal each and the score will be 2-0 to South Africa.” Apart from his alcohol induced mathematics deficiency, the flag waving Bloemfontein local was complimentary of Spain, “They are very good, the best in the world right now, but we are the hosts."

South Africa is indeed the host, but whether or not they continue in the competition will depend on the next ninety minutes of football.

Peter Pedroncelli,