The Horns At The Confederations Cup Are 'Unbearable' - Spain's Fernando Llorente

The Basque is hoping to make his debut at the tournament against the hosts, even if it gives him a headache...
Fernando Llorente has admitted that the sound of the vuvuzela at the Confederations Cup has been "unbearable" but that the players are getting used to it.

The horns have caused plenty of controversy during the tournament and some fans have even called for them to be banned.

However, FIFA have already ruled out any chance of that happening and, as Llorente explained to Marca, they are becoming part of the competition.

"It is strange to hear them all the time. The sound is a little bit unbearable, but in the end you end up growing accustomed to them," he said.

Llorente is likely to hear many more this evening when Spain take on South Africa in their final group game of the tournament.

The European Champions have already qualified for the knockout stages but the hosts will be desperate to win and join the European champions in the semi-finals.

For Llorente, it could be a chance to make his debut at the tournament and he is looking forward to the opportunity.

"I am feeling excellent. The fact that I am here is already an achievement for me. Now I must try and take advantage of the minutes that the coach gives me and give my all," he mused.

James Walker-Roberts,