FIFA Will Not Ban The Vuvuzela At World Cup Finals - Sepp Blatter

The controversial matter of vuvuzela horns reached the highest level of football as FIFA's chief was asked about his thoughts on them...
Sepp Blatter has stated that vuvuzela horns will not be banned for the World Cup Finals next year in South Africa after television broadcasters complained about the noise during the Confederations Cup.

The FIFA president was asked whether he felt that they should be stopped from being blown in stadiums due to the incredible noise created - and he defended their use.

While agreeing to look into television companies' concerns, Blatter explained that as vuvuzelas are part of African culture he saw no reason why they would be banned.

“It is African culture, we are in Africa and we have to allow them to practice their culture as much as they want to," he told reporters.

“Vuvuzelas, drums and singing are part of African football culture. It is part of their celebration, it is part of their culture.

“In South Africa, the vuvuzela is the main instrument of self expression, it is just that overseas countries do not use it.”

Lucas Brown,