Confederations Cup: The Difference Between Rustenburg And Joburg Ends Outside The Stadium

In some ways we are different, but when it comes to passion for football, we are all the same…
For someone who has lived in Johannesburg his whole life, it is always a bit strange to go to a place like Rustenburg. The difference between the two cities is a matter of worlds rather than simple subtleties.

Johannesburg is alive, vibrant and full of energy, whereas Rustenburg is laid back and quiet to the point of eeriness, with endless stretches of road going to what seems to be nowhere.

The differences within the city however, ended with the surroundings and did not affect the people, as I discovered when sitting down in my seat at the Royal Bafokeng Stadium to watch the game between South Africa and New Zealand.

These people were the South Africans I was used to, they were loud and passionate, and although they may act differently to those in Johannesburg, it was the same powerful noise that I was accustomed to hearing in my home city and Tshwane.

The world will certainly be amazed at how passionate a nation can be, and whether it is in Joburg, Cape Town or Bloemfontein, they will feel the stadiums tremble with excitement in 2010.

Peter Pedroncelli,