Confederations Cup: Feeling From Inside The Bafokeng Stadium

Rustenburg is usually a quiet place, but not tonight, as fans have come to worship their heroes…
The atmosphere in the stadium is one of anticipation and nervousness, with a few fans looking like they may need a sip of something strong to calm their jitters.

The noise is as awe-inspiring as it was at Ellis Park during the opening match of the tournament, with Vuvuzela’s audible throughout the venue.

Once again the South African players have stunning support from those in the stands, with every positive move applauded, and every mistake quickly forgotten with the sound of clapping.

The goal was something else. Perhaps my ears were fooling me, but it was as if for a split second the world stopped, and there was complete silence, before an explosion of passion and pure noise took over the stadium, as the fans’ efforts were rewarded with a goal.

Peter Pedroncelli,