High Security For South Africa - New Zealand In Rustenburg

Fans travelling to the Royal Bafokeng Stadium today for the crucial South Africa v New Zealand Confederations Cup clash are being assured of a trouble-free visit.
The North West Public Safety Department has tightened its security to ensure smooth operations for tonight’s match in Rustenburg.

MEC for Public Safety, Howard Yawa says the opener between Spain and New Zealand on Sunday was a prelude to a bigger responsibility tonight.

He said the department had benefited from its experience during the first match and has subsequently improved on its communications.

He disclosed that 2,313 vehicles were scanned through the Automatic Number Plate Recognition System Vehicle that the Provincial Business against Crime has loaned to the province. Three vehicles with registration from neighbouring countries were picked up for outstanding traffic fines with the Johannesburg Metropolitan.

“Aerial observation prior, during and after the match assisted with quick resolution of situations that arose during the match and no vehicles were reported stolen," he said.

“Coordination of park and ride facilities and an improved exit strategy for VIPs and fans will be in place during tonight’s match,” Yawa added.

Yawa urged fans to leave a list of prohibited items at traffic control centres or Park and Rides before making their way to the ground. “Food, alcohol or drugs, cups, jugs or cans, weapons, sharp objects and umbrellas fall within the list of prohibited items,” he said.

“Racist or xenophobic material like t-shirts or flags, promotional or commercial material, banners or flags larger than 2 x 1.5 meters are also included in the list of prohibited items.”

Though megaphones, hooters or gas-powered horns are not allowed, vuvuzelas are allowed.