Confederations Cup Fan Reactions: South Africa Disappoint spoke to fans at the stadium after South Africa's 0-0 draw with Iraq at Ellis Park...

After South Africa's goalless draw in the opening game of this year's Confederations Cup, caught up with a few of the fans who had attended the game.

Rafael had come out to support Bafana with his two kids, but they were left wanting a better result.

"I thought they would do better, but they seemed too nervous and they were kept at bay by the Iraq side. There is still time for South Africa to rectify the situation, but it will be difficult with Spain at the end of the group stage, but I believe it is possible," said Rafael.

Alex from Soweto was not as kind.

"They have let us down, how could they play in such as uncreative way? It was not a typical game for them, the world stage has extra pressures on them. We had one or two chances, but our finishing was not there."

Another fan, Arnold, offered a more tactical perspective on the game.

"Mashego's entrance into the game came too late. His substitution sparked a new wave of attacks for Bafana. Perhaps, if he was brought on earlier, that would have made a difference. Three points against New Zealand are now an absolute must."

Iraq supporter Yasien was happy with his team's performance.

"It can't be easy to play with such a big crowd against you, but Iraq did and they earned a point, which is excellent. I thought they would lose, to be honest, but this is a great result."

Peter Pedroncelli,