Iraqi Comment On Joel Santana’s South Africa Squad

Iraqi journalists have commented on the Bafana Bafana squad selected by coach Joel Santana ahead of the Confederations Cup competition.
Iraqi journalists have already reacted to the squad named by Joel Santana today, saying the Brazilian’s reasoning in terms of selecting Matthew Booth for the opening match appear a little off the mark.

“I don't think the South African defence has any worries about the Iraqi attack from an aerial point of view,” Iraqi journalist Hussanian Muburak told

“The striker the coach [Santana] is talking about is Younis Mahmoud; he is physical but he lacks the heading ability of a top forward."

Muburak says the opening FIFA Confederation’s Cup game against his homeland is likely to be an interesting encounter.

“The squad selected by [coach] Bora [Milutinovics] from our side is a bit puzzling. He has omitted Samal Saeed and Aws Ibrahim and brought in Dara Mohammed and Essam Yassin.

“He has also brought in an injured Samar Saeed, Samal’s brother, and omitted Mustafa Karim, one of the top scorers in Egypt, because he did not arrive for training in time.

“Karim was in fact delayed in Egypt because he had to turn out for his club in a league play-off match.”