If Arsenal don't win the title it'll be a disaster - Ranieri

The Foxes boss brushed off claims of top-of-the-table nerves by insisting his side's job is already done for the season

Leicester City manager Claudio Ranieri has reacted coolly to questions regarding the stresses of being top of the Premier League, claiming his side's job is already done while a loss for Arsenal would be “a disaster”.

At his own press conference, Arsene Wenger said that nerves could start to play on Ranieri's men due to being at the top of the table for so long, but the Italian took the opportunity to direct the pressure back to the Gunners.

“Maybe it's a key match for him, but not for us,” Ranieri said. “The pressure is on Arsenal because Arsene spends a lot of money every year and if they don't win it is a disaster.

“People want to put pressure on us because at the beginning they said: 'OK Leicester sooner or later will drop down'.

“But now some people are thinking Leicester can win. We've done our job - anything more is fantastic.”