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The Toon have been relegated and their manager has admitted it is because they are simply not good enough.

Newcastle United manager Alan Shearer admitted his side could have no complaints after defeat to Aston Villa saw them relegated from the Premier League.

The Magpies will now spend next season in the Championship and speaking to Sky Sports after the game, Shearer confessed relegation was a painful experience.

“[It’s] the worst feeling to be honest,” he explained.

“It’s painful, it hurts, but it’s been a great experience for me. I’ve enjoyed it in a weird sort of way, the eight weeks, but we’ve got no complaints.”

A Damien Duff own goal was enough to condemn the Magpies at Villa Park and the Newcastle boss insisted that his side only had themselves to blame.

“We have no complaints, I can’t come in and say we were unlucky today, or we were unlucky in the season,” he said.

“We didn’t go down today because we weren’t good enough we went down because we weren’t good enough over 38 games.”

A clearly emotional Shearer also admitted that big changes would need to be made at St James’ Park and explained why his side had not been good enough this season.

“Big changes need to be made at the football club, players need to go out, players need to come in but yes it hurts,” said the United boss.

“We have conceded too many goals, not created enough, not scored many.

“That’s been a problem all season and when you get in a rut it’s very, very difficult to get out of it.

“Big changes need to be made, from top to bottom, big mistakes have been made and we are now paying the price for that.”

The former striker also refused to reveal whether he would be staying on at the club and insisted that he had yet to really consider whether he wanted to continue as manager.

“Ask me that in a few days. I haven’t even thought about that yet,” he said.

“I haven’t had time to think about. But it’s a magnificent football club, you’ve seen our following today, they deserve better than they’ve been given this season and I just hope they get the success they deserve.”

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