Santos' Neymar: Barcelona taught us a lesson in the Club World Cup final

The youngster gave an honest assessment of how the match unfolded on Sunday, but insisted that his team have performed admirably to come second in the tournament
Santos striker Neymar admitted that Barcelona taught his side a footballing lesson at the Nissan Stadium following their 4-0 loss to the Blaugrana in the Club World Cup final.

Speaking to reporters after the match in Yokohama, the 19-year-old confessed that Pep Guardiola's men were superior to Santos, but feels there is no shame in bowing out to Barca.

"I don't know if Barcelona are unbeatable, but they are the best team in the world," said Neymar. "Today, here, we learned what it is to play football.

"What we experienced in this match, we will take as a lesson. Today, Barcelona taught us how to play football."

Neymar then refused to offer his analysis on the match, preferring to reflect on Santos' overall progress in the tournament.

"Now it doesn't matter what we did or didn't do," he continued. "What matters is we got here going through many battles and challenges and got to be the second best team in the world.

"Guardiola said that they lost a lot until they started winning. This is what Santos want. We lost today, but maybe in a year we can come back and be champions."

Neymar's team-mate Ganso echoed the striker's comments and praised the Barca players for their dominant performance.

"[Sergio] Busquets is a great player, as well as Xavi and [Andres] Iniesta, who move the ball well and almost never make mistakes passing," the 22-year-old said.

"I think the result is normal, logically we really wanted to win, but Barcelona are a quality team. I have never played a team like this.

"The year was very good, but of course this serves as a learning experience and we hope to improve. I think for some chances we created that we could have scored at least one goal."

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