Extra Time: Messi poses mid-match for photo with linesman

The Barcelona forward was asked by the official if he could take a picture with him at half-time during the Albiceleste's World Cup qualifier against Chile

Lionel Messi sportingly posed for a photo with a Fifa linesman during Argentina’s match with Chile on Tuesday night.

The Barcelona forward, who has a fanbase of millions around the world, was apparently approached by the official at the half-time interval about the possibility of a picture.

Messi looks a mixture of confused and amused as he stands with an unlikely adoring fan in a match that Argentina eventually won 2-1 thanks to first-half goals from the Ballon d'Or holder and Real Madrid striker Gonzalo Higuain.

Extra Time agrees with many who have commented on the side-story that the linesman has a Mr Bean look about him!

Messi has probably not had many more strangely-timed requests for a photo than during this World Cup qualifier, but the official will not care as he now has a priceless personal picture of him and the Ballon d’Or winner!