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Lionel Messi v Cristiano Ronaldo Head-To-Head: The Portuguese ace takes fourth straight victory

Lionel Messi v Cristiano Ronaldo Head-To-Head: The Portuguese ace takes fourth straight victory


The former Manchester United man stole the show in the Clasico as well as's Head-To-Head as we look at how the votes were divided and what the readers think

In our monthly Lionel Messi v Cristiano Ronaldo Head-To-Head special, we asked you to vote for the best performer in April based on the statistics, Player Ratings and expert analysis compiled.

The month was dominated by the Clasico showdown between Barcelona and Real Madrid at Camp Nou, with Cristiano Ronaldo & Co. coming out on top after the Portuguese scored the winning goal, one which played a key role in Los Blancos securing the Primera Division title in midweek.

Messi may have been overshadowed in the Clasico, but the Argentine racked up a phenomenal number of goals in April to overtake Ronaldo in the Pichichi race. But despite his goal-scoring feats, the readers favoured the Madrid hotshot as the better player last month with 8705 (62.54%) of the votes to 5215 (37.46%) for the Barca Ballon d'Or winner.

With the Liga season now in its last month, Cristiano's fourth win in succession means he has won the Head-To-Head series this campaign thanks to an unassailable 5-3 lead.

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olaben16, south9ja, on What a month for Cristiano Ronaldo, if not for anything, the fact that the pair met at Camp Nou, and Ronaldo came out on top says it all. Cristiano Ronaldo was a better player in the month of April.

madridista ....., on Ronaldo showed what he can do when it matters. He single-handedly took Real Madrid to a victory against Atletico, then helped beat Barca with the decisive goal and also scored two goals against Bayern, but was unlucky to be beaten. Ronaldo should win the Ballon d'Or this time regardless of who becomes the top scorer.

barcafan, barcelona, on Ronaldo scored in El Clasico, and that's what made the biggest difference. Messi has more goals and assists but when it really mattered, Ronaldo came through. I think Ronaldo had a better month even though Messi had better numbers.

peyman stuttgart, on This season has been special for both players. And it's a pity if one of them does not win the best player of the world award. Two brilliant players are breaking the records day by day. So this year it will be better to have two players as the best of the world.

The Greatest Mathematician Ever, Trinidad, on Since 1 + 1 = 2, and the figures are right in front of us, the answer is simple. Lionel Messi is the best player in the world right now. If the current trend continues, he will no doubt one day be regarded by all as the best ever.

Awesome ‏ @SandroZoughaib, on Twitter: April was clearly Ronaldo's month. He may not have scored as many goals as Messi, but he did when he was needed!#goalh2h

Dean Prabowo ‏ @deanprabowo, on Twitter: By statistics Messi is better because he played against weaker teams. Ronaldo does less, but against European giants. Its quantity v quality #goalh2h

PrinceisKING ‏ @Proff_Prince41, on Twitter: Cristiano was far better. He scored when it mattered most and when he did not, it was as a result of sheer bad luck or poor refereeing...

melosi wa ka baloyi ‏ @melosib_cfc, on Twitter: Given the Clasico at Camp Nou, one cannot help but err on the side of Ronaldo in April. Even your stats show it. #goalh2h

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