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Stay tuned to www.goal.com for the latest Kaka transfer news LIVE and as it happens. Will he or won't he go to Manchester City from AC Milan? We have it all for you here...

Kaka for Manchester City? It seemed unbelievable just a couple of weeks ago, and in some sense it still does. Will he really leave AC Milan for the 'upstarts' of the Premier League?

That's what the football world wants to know, but with so many reports surfacing throughout the day, keeping track can be difficult.

Enter Kaka LIVE - your chance to keep up with all the latest news and views on this transfer saga as it happens. We've also provided a chronology of events from the moment the story broke onwards to show the full context of the supposed deal.

Below you will find timestamped news, updated as soon as it becomes available on our site, as well as links to each day's editorial content.

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Tuesday 20 January 2009

20:31 Milan striker Andrei Shevcehnko has revealed he advised Kaka to stay put, instead of joining Manchester City.

13:53 David Beckham has been telling Kaká all about Real Madrid and believes that the Brazilian rejected Manchester City because he wants to join the Spanish giants in June. AS are having a busy day refuelling their Kaká stories after several quiet months.

11:15 AS are at it again and after causing problems with AC Milan last year are preparing for another go as they claim that Kaká turned down Manchester City because he wants to join Real Madrid. The Brazilian is disillusioned, according to the paper, despite his speech devoting himself to the Rossoneri on Monday.

11:01 According to Manchester City chief executive Garry Cook, AC Milan 'bottled it' by not accepting a bid for Kaka.

00:21 Adriano Galliani surfaces to state that 'Kaka has prevailed in our hearts.'

00:05 Kaka himself speaks for virtually the first time since the story broke: I Belong To Milan!

Monday 19 January 2009

23:24 Manchester City executive chairman, Gary Cook has said on the club's official website that they were the ones who withdrew Kaka negotiations with Milan, and that it wasn't Berlusconi who intercepted negotiations.  

22:50 Italian media sources begin to state that a fee has been agreed between the two sides... but mere seconds later, Silvio Berlusconi appears live on television to declare that KAKA IS STAYING AT AC MILAN.

21:10 Police have arrived at the house of Kaka in Milan, perhaps to accompany the Brazilian away if, and when, he leaves it tonight.

20:44 Has Kaka snubbed Manchester City? The Brazilian star was seen greeting a group of fans outside his house while waving a Rossoneri shirt.

19:48 In breaking news from Milan, it is said that Bosco Leite has now entered a meeting with Manchester City paymaster Garry Cook.

19:05 Adriano Galliani meets with Bosco Leite in Milan, leading to some saying that the deal has been reached - or abandoned.

18:52 Speaking exclusively to Goal.com, Micah Richards says that Kaka can be Manchester City's Steven Gerrard.

18:01 Editorial: Goal.com's Sulmaan Ahmad discusses how Manchester City could better spend their Kaka budget.

16:46 Former Milan coach Arrigo Sacchi believes the club would be foolish to sell Brazilian ace Kaka to Manchester City.

15:28 Marcelo Lippi believes that Kaka will stay at Milan

14:44 Galliani and Berlusconi meeting over Kaka issue, while Milan fans continue to protest the potential departure of their hero.

13:49 Happy debutant Bridge is excited by Kaka's potential arrival at Manchester City.

10:39 Weekend hero Pablo Zabaleta can't wait for Kaka to come to Manchester City.

09:56 Kaka's family are pushing him to Manchester City, triggering suggestions that money is the motive behind it.

09:48 Editorial: We ask in our Goal.com Poll: should Manchester City be going all-out for Kaka?

05:46 Manchester City boss Mark Hughes has told the club they must make the most of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to sign Kaka.

03:11 David Beckham has aired his views on the matter once more. The England star reckons "United are the only team in Manchester", and insists the entire Milan squad want Kaka to stay.

Sunday 18 January 2009

23:49 A number of journalists from Italy's top sports pages are all in agreement that Kaka's departure to Manchester City is inevitable. They also seem to believed that Milan won't use the money to reinforce the squad immediately.

21:23 AC Milan vice-president Adriano Galliani says that Kaka is 'very much still a Milan' player before accusing the fans of being ungrateful for all the current administration has done for the clubs. Fireworks are likely to ensue.

15:58 Editorial:
Alan Dawson argues that the 'moral panic' over the big money around the Kaka deal is in fact nothing new.

12:50 Editorial: In a counter-point to Saturday's piece, a Calcio fan says that if Kaka leaves for Manchester City, it's not the end of the world.

11:52 Manchester City, via coach Mark Hughes, say that a deal for Kaka is a long way off, but still in the works.

Reports emerge stating that 'life after Kaka' is on the agenda as AC Milan are said to be after Franck Ribery of Bayern Munich.

09:20 Manchester City are linked with Steven Gerrard, Lionel Messi, and Frank Lampard approaches for when they're finished signing Kaka. Needless to say this is a tabloid report.

05:04 New AC Milan loan signing David Beckham pleads with Kaka to remain at the club.

02:11 Despite being without former president Ramon Calderon, who resigned, Real Madrid allegedly attempt to rival Manchester City's bid for Kaka.

Saturday 17 January 2009

23:21 Speaking to the press after that 1-0 win, Milan coach Carlo Ancelotti re-iterates his hope for Kaka's remaining at San Siro.

23:05 Fresh from scoring the winner against Fiorentina, Pato says that Kaka must make his own mind up about a potential move to Manchester City from Milan, who remain in with a shot at the Scudetto after taking all three points.

Editorial: Kaka is given a merely average six out of ten for his performance from Goal.com's player ratings service for his showing against Fiorentina.

22:30 Kaka takes part in AC Milan's 1-0 win over Fiorentina.

20:44 As these reports of restlessness among the Tifosi continue, an increasingly embattled Adriano Galliani states that there is no Kaka deal yet.

20:36 News of unrest among AC Milan fans over the Kaka transfer saga begins to surface anew.

20:01 Goal.com rounds up an array of opinion from Serie A coaches on Kaka's move to Manchester City from AC Milan.

13:33 Editorial:
"If Kaka moves to Manchester City, football is dead," says a pessimistic fan of Calcio. Do you agree?

12:56 AC Milan moneyman Silvio Berlusconi - Italy's prime minister - admits that he will "probably" have to sell Kaka.

11:52 Ronaldinho is supposed to have practically begged Kaka to stay at Milan during a British tabloid interview.

10:30 Kaka wants a 2010 release clause in his Manchester City contract, say tabloid reports. (Update: these remain unconfirmed.)

09:25 Meanwhile Manchester United coach Alex Ferguson says that even a Kaka-infused Eastlands side wouldn't scare him.

09:04 The Sun dredges up an interview with Kaka in which he praises the style of Arsenal and Manchester United - and not Manchester City.

03:00 Editorial Exclusive: John Barnes tells Goal.com that Kaka alone will not guarantee trophies at Manchester City.

00:03 After a quiet evening, things kick off early as early can be on Friday morning with a tabloid report that Kaka has been 'railroaded' into accepting a move to Manchester City.

Friday 16 January 2009

'ArabianBusiness' magazine launches a story on its website saying that Manchester City's move for Kaka is all but complete. After around fifteen minutes online, though, the report disappears!

16:53 Alessandro Moggi, son of Luciano, believes that the loss of Kaka will be countered by the financial rewards, much as when Zinedine Zidane went to Real Madrid.

AC Milan coach Carlo Ancelotti wants Kaka to stay, he tells the press in no uncertain terms.

13:30 Editorial: A Goal.com poll shows a minority of readers believe that Kaka will head to Manchester City.

12:26 Editorial: A Goal.com poll sees Kaka tie with Fernando Torres for the top goal of 2008 from FIFA World Player of the Year nominees.

11:20 Robinho of Manchester City says that his club always planned to swoop for Kaka.

10:12 Then a report emerges from Sportmediaset saying that Kaka has no intention of heading for Manchester.

09:24 Meanwhile Zvonimir Boban, now a pundit with Sky Italia, says that Kaka's "greed" may lead him to Eastlands.

09:00 Countryman and teammate Pato agrees with Maldini as he says, "Don't leave Milan, Kaka!"

05:55 'Kaka's leaving would be disastrous for AC Milan,' says none other than club captain Paolo Maldini.

02:06 A completely outlandish report in The Sun says that Manchester City are prepared to effectively double their offer for Kaka to €271m. Needless to say this is quickly dismissed.

Thursday 15 January 2009

20:57 A dissenting voice comes from Gianni Rivera, who claims that his former club are right to accept a bid for Kaka.

Speaking to the British media, Clarence Seedorf says that he would be 'surprised' if teammate Kaka left AC Milan.

The first true update from Milanello: AC Milan club officials confirm that talks have taken place with Manchester City over a Kaka transfer.

18:55 Over in Madrid, it is said that presidential hopeful Florentino Perez is using promises of Kaka to win the rumoured-to-be-taking-place-soon Real Madrid election. (Update: after Ramon Calderon resigns an election is indeed pencilled in for summer.)

17:30 AC Milan vice-president Adriano Galliani is placed under armed guard after threats of violence occur against him over 'Kaka-gate.'

17:24 Editorial: Goal.com's Ewan Macdonald states that €100m is a vast amount for one player, but a symbolic one that Manchester City would in fact do well to pay.

11:13 Conflicting accounts continue to emerge, but another contends that AC Milan are indeed willing to sell Kaka.

05:49 Another tabloid report claims that Kaka is to meet with Manchester City's owners. (Update: again this remains unconfirmed.)

03:17 Tabloid talk well and truly enters the fray as the Daily Mail states that AC Milan are to accept an €110m bid (Update: this is not confirmed by the following events of that day.)

Wednesday 14 January 2009

23:43 Italian press sources and fan groups produce a mixed reaction to the early transfer news.

18:38 Kaka's first words to the press since the story emerged are to the effect that he has no intention of leaving the Rossoneri for as long as he is wanted.

'Kaka's joining Manchester City is not impossible,' says a representative.

10:15 The player's agent hits back at allegations that Kaka is going to Manchester City only for money.

Tuesday 13 January 2009

23:51 The story breaks: Manchester City open talks with AC Milan over a possible deal for Kaka.