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The Inter striker has caused controversy in recent days due to his affair with the ex-wife of his former Sampdoria team-mate and needs to be brought into line quickly

By Kris Voakes | International Football Correspondent

Young sportsmen will always make mistakes. It is often the fallout from such an error that helps a young man to quickly mature into a person of great standing both professionally and personally. If anything, that is all part of the process. But Inter’s Mauro Icardi seems to be at the start of that cycle right now, with his very public affair with the wife of former Sampdoria team-mate Maxi Lopez causing a huge stir in Italy in recent weeks.

The 20-year-old Argentine, who is currently out of action with a hernia problem, has hit the headlines during the international break following revelations regarding his relationship with Wanda Nara, who was previously married to Lopez.

The story goes that Icardi made moves on Nara upon hearing about the breakdown of her marriage with his close friend, who he had spent much time with when they both played at Sampdoria – often with Nara in tow.

Now Icardi has taken to Twitter to profess his love for Nara, who herself has made no secret of the relationship on the social media site. The striker has even had a tattoo of his love interest's first name inked on his left forearm, posting a photograph of it on Twitter too.

It is perhaps normal that a young, impressionable man who in the last 12 months has hit the big time in his professional life should find the attention a little overwhelming. That it seems to have gone to his head is disappointing but also understandable. However, his blatant disregard for a close friend and former colleague does not sit so easily.