'European Super League to replace Champions League by 2018' - Aysal

The Galatasaray chief believes that Europe's elite competition will be scrapped and replaced with a 20-team continental division in just five years' time
The Champions League will be disbanded and a new European Super League will be in place by the year 2018, according to Galatasaray president Unal Aysal.

Both the 72-year-old and Juventus president Andrea Agnelli have thrown their weight behind the proposal, which would see Europe's premiere tournament scrapped in favour of an innovative 20-team division of the continent's elite clubs.

Aysal was unequivocal in his assertion that his proposal - although not new - will be endorsed by the giants of the European game, and believes that Uefa has no choice but to sanction the motion or run the risk of mutiny.

"The system has to be put in place, either by Uefa or by the clubs themselves. Then we will decide if a breakaway will be necessity or not," he told reporters at a Leaders of football conference in London.

"It’s not yet totally elaborated and prepared and put on the paper. But it is a concept that is under discussion for a few years. It is not a new concept, but we favour it.

"The first 15-20 big clubs of Europe all agree with this – nobody will say no. Manchester United, Paris Saint-Germain, Real Madrid.

"There may be one or two exceptions for local reasons, political reasons, and I will understand, but as the future for European clubs and the future of football, nobody can say no to this.

"Every reality starts with a dream. At the moment, it looks like a dream, a vision. I am sure, sooner or later, in a maximum of five years’ time, it will be a reality."

Agnelli, also present at the conference, added: "If one was to break out of the system, probably the best competition that could follow is a closed competition with the 20 best European clubs."