Allegri jokes about quitting Milan

The 46-year-old has hit out at speculation concerning his job, forcing club CEO Adriano Galliani to assure the public the comments were made in jest
AC Milan boss Massimiliano Allegri has joked that he might leave the club tomorrow after securing a place in the Champions League group stage with a 3-0 win over PSV.

Following a disappointing start to the season last term, the former 46-year-old has been subject to constant speculation that he might be sacked.

There were rumours that he would lose his job if he had lost the San Siro clash with the Dutch giants and while Allegri has admitted that he is annoyed by the reports.

“For a couple of years this has been going on, so maybe I’ll resign tomorrow morning. I’ll think it over tonight," he told Sport Mediaset.

“I am a little annoyed tonight, as I read things that have been written and believe people need to be more objective. There is pontificating from the outside. There should be respect for other people’s work, but I enjoy this, as I am pig-headed.

“I am satisfied with the performance, but very angry tonight. I am very angry, fortunately occasionally we win a game and the lads allow me to have some fun too.

“They are trying to make me angry from the outside, it doesn’t work. From the inside there is a good rapport with the general manager, the players and the club.

“Still some like to write rubbish, so when I read this pontificating about what they’d do – fine, come and take my place on the bench and see if you can get the results I have."

Allegri's comments forced club CEO Adriano Galliani to come out and assure Rossoneri fans that he was indeed joking.

"I can assure you it was a joke and he sent me here to inform you of that. Let’s not create controversy out of a joke," he added.