Ramires: I will be Chelsea’s biggest fan at Champions League final

The Brazilian international is eager to cheer on his side as they take on Bayern Munich, after picking up a suspension that will rule him out of the showpiece game in Germany
Chelsea midfielder Ramires has vowed to cheer his side on in their Champions League final from the stands later this month.

The Brazilian international will miss the final against Bayern Munich after he was booked in their semi-final clash with Barcelona at Camp Nou.

"I want to pass my energy to them to help them carry on," he told the Daily Telegraph. "It's going to be hard to watch the final but if it's going to depend on my vibe, my positivity then we are going to win easily.

"I will be the biggest fan in the world."

Despite not playing a part in the final, Ramires has admitted his nerves are beginning to get the better of him ahead of the final later this month.    

"Your heart is out on your hand, I cannot stand still. I feel so, so nervous. I will kick the chair, I will walk up and down.

"I can't sit down for a minute. I feel out of my mind. There's nothing I can do. But even though I feel so nervous and so agitated, the way I feel is also so positive. I want to help my team-mates out on the pitch.

"We don't have any choice but to win the Champions League. It's not just about winning the cup itself, it's about saving our next season.

"We want to finish this season the best way we can. We have to salvage it because to not be in the Champions League will be unbearable.  

As well as setting up Didier Drogba’s thunderous winner at Stamford Bridge, Ramires also scored the crucial away goal in Chelsea’s semi-final clash at the Camp Nou.

He continued: "It was like a cold shower on Barcelona, I feel like I was given this gift to score that goal.

"It was amazing for me, but it wasn't just my doing.

"I was lucky enough to score it but it was a team goal. We had owned the first game, and yet everyone was saying 'Chelsea are not going to do it'. But, at that moment, as players, we wanted it so much."