Liverpool Are In A Different League But Fiorentina Can Still Qualify - Andrea Della Valle

Fiorentina president Andrea Della Valle commented on this afternoon's Champions League group stage draw.

Following today's Champions League group stage draw, which pitted Fiorentina against Liverpool, Olympique Lyon and Debrecen, Viola president Andrea Della Valle expressed optimism about his side's chances even though he admitted it was a tough draw.

"It's clearly a very tough draw," he said to Sky Sport, "considering also that we have a very young team. I think it will be between us and Lyon, because Liverpool are in a class of their own."

Last season Fiorentina finished third in their group behind Bayern Munich and Lyon, an experience which the president thinks will be useful now.

"Last season's experience helped us a lot and will be useful," he continued, "even though Fiorentina are a bit inconsistent, we are capable of playing one half well and the other half very poorly. Still, we are growing as a group: our youth players are making big steps forward."

Asked what the Viola will look like on the European stage, Della Valle said, "The team is already done, there are four days left on the transfer market, we'll see if we can do something, you never know. We have some money available, we just have to see if we'll spend it now or in January."

Danilo Pochini,