Fabio Capello: May The Best Team Win Between Manchester United & Barcelona

The England boss expects a balanced affair between the “most entertaining teams in the world”.

Reigning champions Manchester United and Barcelona go head-to-head in tonight’s Champions League final at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome and England coach Fabio Capello feels the match has the potential to become an all-time classic.

“There are so many champions who can turn around a game,” Capello said to La Gazzetta dello Sport. “They are certainly the most entertaining teams in the world and I hope the final will be as much

“Manchester United are a very solid side and are confident of their strength as English and European champions. All the players seem in fine form and I hope that Rio Ferdinand will recover in time [to play], as he is a key man.

“Barca have some problems at the back with [Dani] Alves and [Eric] Abidal suspended, Silvinho should step in, but he is stronger going forward than in defence.”

Capello’s Milan thrashed the Catalans 4-0 in 1994, but the ex-Roma and Juventus tactician feels it will be a tight encounter at the Olimpico tonight.

“Barca were arrogant and took to the pitch thinking they were already the winners,” explained ‘Don Fabio’.

“There is not a hint of arrogance in both sides this time around and I don’t think there will be a big score. It is a balanced match with [Lionel] Messi’s creativity and [Samuel] Eto’o and [Thierry] Henry’s pace. But the Red Devils also have lots of potential up front and perhaps one of the best back lines in the world.

“Who will I be rooting for? Some of my Lions play for Manchester, but [Barcelona coach Josep] Guardiola played under me at Roma. May the best team win.”
Vince Masiello, Goal.com