Messi Is The Best Player In The World - Barcelona Midfielder Xavi

The Spaniard believes they could have scored more against Bayern in the first-leg and praised his team-mate Lionel Messi...
Xavi has praised the work ethic of his Barcelona team today and in particular has spoken of his admiration for Lionel Messi.

Speaking to, Xavi paid tribute to all the hard work that the team has put in so far this season.

"We've dictated the rhythm with our possession, our combination and the work we've put in," said the midfielder.

"It's not a secret that when the whole team works hard, the talent will show itself."

Certainly the talent has been on display this season, especially from Messi, who has been key in their brilliant run of form.

"Every time we see Messi he shows something new, something better. For us it is very important to have him in the team. He is working very hard and he has an extraordinary talent. Right now, he is the best player in the world," he mused.

Messi and Xavi are both set to take part in the game against Bayern Munich on Tuesday and the Spaniard said that they "could have scored more" in the first-leg last week.

"We are very happy and pleased with the game. We enjoyed ourselves and I believe this also applies to the fans that came to support us. We took a giant step towards the semi-finals," he concluded.

James Walker-Roberts,