Champions League Reactions: The Eight Clubs Go Head-To-Head

Now that the eight teams remaining in the UEFA Champions League know their fate, the opinions have begun to flow.

Here we put the competitors in the four quarter-final matches head to head to see how they regard each other going into the latter stages.

Starting with the rematch between Villarreal and Arsenal and moving on through Manchester United's reunion with Porto, we can weigh up the thoughts of managers, players, and in the case of Barcelona, even presidents.

Without further ado...


Robert Pires

Up against his old side
Arsene Wenger

Been here before
Obviously it will be a special game. Returning there will make me happy but, as a Villarreal player, I want us to win so we can continue in the competition. I believe that we have a team to reach the final and we are on our way to that. To achieve our objective we have to play better and win. We will be trying to do that. I know that it will be difficult but, from what I know about both teams, I honestly believe that we can progress.
It’s a difficult 50-50. Villarreal we know, we have experience of playing them before. It's a good opportunity maybe to play the first game away from home but it's hard to be creative in your statement at this level. It goes down to the players’ performance and also staying injury free as players head into the international break. Hopefully we will be in a good situation.


Alex Ferguson

Out for revenge
Jesualdo Ferreira

One game at a time
This is a good draw for us. You sometimes wonder if being at home first is a good or a bad thing but I think in this modern-day competition there's no indication of what is better. We’ve met Porto before and obviously we respect any Portuguese team. We have had a huge Portuguese influence in the club, firstly with Carlos Quieroz but now with Cristiano and Nani. So we understand Portuguese football. We're happy with the draw and we're looking forward to the tie.
We are playing against the European champions. We're interested in preparing well for this game, but between now and then we have two key matches and little time to build. It's a tough game to prepare for as Manchester United are who they are, and European champions, but we'll do our best in our own time. For now we have matches against Estrela and Guimaraes to worry about. We must manage ourselves well so that we can play good football in all three games.


Rafael Benitez

An old hand...
Guus Hiddink

... and a new experience
I think it's the more difficult route. United will be favourites. Porto and Villarreal are good teams but our sides are more difficult. Chelsea are a very good team and we know each other very well so maybe it's tougher. The majority of the players are the same. The manager has changed but it's the same left winger against the same right full-back.
It’s getting really exciting at the end of the Champions League season. When you see all the teams, of course you think, ‘We would like to have this one or that one’. But I said before this draw that we have to play them all. If you have the desire to go to the final in May then you have to play them all, whether it’s Liverpool or Manchester United or Barcelona – you must play them. So, I’m okay with this draw


Joan Laporta

Magical Evening
Philipp Lahm

Linked with Barca, vital at Bayern
The draw has made things difficult for us because we are playing the second leg away, but the challenge is greater and will have more merit. It makes me feel bad that we have drawn Bayern Munich because of the great relationship that we have with them. It will be a magical night in Camp Nou.
There are easier opponents than Barcelona. Barcelona seems to me to be the big favourites to win the Champions League. I would have loved to avoid them in the quarter final but now we have to play them and we will have a chance – but we need two very, very good matches to go through.