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What's it like supporting Chelsea from afar when a team from your own country comes up against them in the Champions League? finds out in an interview with one such fan...

Meet Vincenzo Felici, Chelsea fan extraordinaire. From his home in Italy he follows the Blues by TV and the internet, cherishing a love that's been blossoming for the best part of two decades. He spoke to, offering his opinions on the forthcoming Champions League clash against Juventus.

Vincenzo Felici is a pharmacist living in Ancona who managed to fulfil a lifelong dream by stepping onto the Stamford Bridge turf.

How did you manage to play football at Stamford Bridge?

"I did it for a football charity that raises money for children suffering from diabetes around the world. I went to London to wear the Chelsea shirt and I fell in love with the club from that day onwards."

Chelsea clash with Juventus in the Champions League: what are your expectations?

"My heart will be divided in two because I also support the Bianconeri. I follow these two teams a lot and I must say that Juve are favourites to win this one.

"Chelsea are not the same as they were a few seasons ago. I think the loss in the Moscow final last season and a split dressing room have combined to make it a poor season so far from the Blues.

"I think Claudio Ranieri's team have more of a will to win. They have the determination to do well in Europe and this will be a major threat to Chelsea.

"I really hope both games will be great and I hope they are not ruined by the usual imbeciles."

Will Chelsea be able to win the Champions League trophy this season?

"I don't think they will be able to win it. If they couldn't win it in the past then I don't think they will [be able to] this term.

"I think it is almost impossible to do it this season. Apart from the two games against Juventus, Manchester United and Liverpool are better equipped to win a prestigious trophy like the Champions League.

Who was better, Mourinho or Scolari?

"Avram Grant was better. He was a great man and I think he was undervalued as a coach. He was just one slip away from winning the Champions League.

"Unfortunately, he was treated badly. I think Jose Mourinho is a winner, although I don't like him much.

"Scolari gave great hope at the start of the season but then that fizzled out."

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