Ronaldo: I Am Like Hercules!

What's the difference between Cristiano Ronaldo and Hercules? Not a lot, according to the wing-wizard...
Everything's coming up Cristiano Ronaldo, it would appear. The Portuguese winger-cum-striker has been awarded with the Ballon d'Or over the last week and reports suggest that he'll soon be earning £150,000-per-week as Manchester United try to shackle him with a new deal.

Clearly feeling invincible -and somewhat infallible - the 23-year-old is quoted as saying by The People: "I accept people's criticism, but I don't share their opinions.

"Even the strongest men in the world - including legends such as Hercules - fall over at times.

"I am part of this group. Players with superior skills are more prone to be fouled."

However, it's hard to imagine such a gargantuan figure as mythical Greek hero Hercules being so injury prone as the flamboyant United winger.

In fact, Ronaldo limped out of the Red Devils' eventual 1-0 victory over Sunderland on Saturday, with even boss Sir Alex Ferguson bemused by his 'self-substitution', which was prompted by a hip injury.

Thus, with the Aalborg game virtually meaningless and Tottenham Hotspur awaiting at the weekend, Fergie is set to leave the crocked star out of his European side, admitting that he'll "freshen it up".

Still, if you want to be in the same bracket as ol' Herc - a strongman and adventurer of some standing - you have to be able to take a couple of knocks.

Greg Ptolomey,