Maradona: Messi Better Than Me; I Would Have Played For Inter

Messi is greater than Maradona: fact. And the statement has come straight from the horse's mouth...

Argentina coach Diego Maradona has sensationally revealed that he would have joined Inter if Massimo Moratti was president of the club during his playing days.

The coach met with Moratti and Jose Mourinho at the club's Appiano Gentile training ground today. Maradona spent plenty of time with Mourinho as they talked and joked around. Both men exchanged gifts as well as words. The 'Special One' even asked for, and obtained, an autograph from the football legend. In return, Mourinho gave the Argentinean a personalised Inter fleece.

Upon leaving, Maradona shared a few words with Inter Channel and he is full of praise for Inter as well as Barcelona's Lionel Messi.

"I would have played for Inter without a doubt, even though I have maximum respect for Napoli fans who will always be in my heart," Maradona said. "I think I would have been an Inter player if Moratti was president back then."

Messi finished second in the FIFA World Player of the Year award, but Maradona believes the Blaugrana striker can become better than him.

"Messi the new Maradona? I hope so, in fact I want him to become even better than me. Everyone will benefit if he does," added the former Napoli star. "I really hope Messi is not just the new Maradona, but that he is even better than me."

Salvatore Landolina,