Mourinho On Beckham And 'World's Best' Ibrahimovic

Despite being proud to see a world-renowned name like David Beckham in Italy, the Inter boss is reluctant to see him set the league alight - unlike Ibra...
Inter coach Jose Mourinho has mixed feelings regarding the arrival of David Beckham in Italy.

On the one hand he believes that having the England international in Serie A raises the profile of the league, but on the other he would rather not see such players succeed, as that would damage his Nerazzurri side.

"I'm happy. I want my league to be the best," he told

"I want my league to be important. I want my league to be not just important in Italy, but also in the world. In England I was proud that the Premiership was reaching levels of popularity around the world. I think we are doing something important in Italy because the Serie A is much better than it was last season.

"To have one like David Beckham is fantastic. (Smiles) I hope he doesn't do very well, because he plays in the enemy, but I hope he brings a lot of attention with him. He's more than a player, he's something special in the world, not just in the world of sport, and I'm really happy.

"Him, Ronaldinho, (Zlatan) Ibrahimovic - these are the kind of players we need to have in the Italian league to make it again a good commercial product abroad because I think that's the next step."


With the aforementioned Zlatan Ibrahimovic being an Inter mainstay, it is unsurprising that Mourinho found time to focus on the forward.

"I really think he's the best player in the world," he affirmed.

"With all due respect for the incredible players in the world, I think he's the best. I never saw a guy who is 196cm tall with the speed, the coordination, the beauty of his game.

"He knows what he wants, he knows where he wants to arrive. He wants to play every game. He wants to press the other teams. He defends very well, which he was not doing never in his life. He's in the last step to be the best. It's really special to play with him."

Winter Purchases

Overall the ex-Chelesa manager seems to be pleased with the way things are going at the San Siro, and therefore he isn't falling over himself to make more signings.

"The January window? Not much will happen," he shrugged.

"I'm not a person for big changes. I like stability. I like to start the season with a group and finish with the same group.

"Of course, when the window is open anything can happen, but I don't like big big changes.

"The group is good. I feel it's too big. We have 26 players plus 3 goalkeepers. Normally we are working with around 24, 25 players which is okay."

Steve Michaels,