Messi Responds To Cannavaro And Cruyff Criticism

Barcelona forward Lionel Messi has responded to the recent criticisms thrown at him by Fabio Cannavaro and Johan Cruyff...

Early on Friday, Real Madrid defender Fabio Cannvaro, while discussing his team's loss in El Clasico, had criticism for Barcelona's Argentine forward Lionel Messi, who had complained of being fouled and kicked at too often.

“With Messi, I have this feeling that he sometimes throws himself to the ground too easily. He has to stay on his feet a bit more and complain less,” were Cannavaro's words in an interview with Radio Marca.

Later in the day, Messi responded to the Italian international by suggesting he worry about the problems his own team are facing.

"Cannavaro should look at real Madrid and express opinions about his own team," boomed the 21-year-old.

The Argentine then went on to clear the air about his relationship with referees: "I do not ask anything from the officials.

"I know that they are there to do a job and do it as best they can. It is necessary to leave them to it and not put any extra pressure on them," he was quoted as saying by Marca

Amidst all the talk of players like him needing more protection, Messi clarified that none of his Los Blancos rivals were intentionally trying to hurt him last weekend.

"I don't believe that any of their players had any ill-intentions of hurting another fellow professional. They were just normal things that happen in a game."

Finally, Messi saved a few words for Blaugrana legend, Johan Cruyff, who had also criticised him for not knowing how to position himself to avoid being constantly kicked during El Clasico.

"I have very little interest in what Cruyff has to say."

Adam Scime