Real Madrid Star Cristiano Ronaldo Ready To Conquer La Liga

The Portuguese star has given his first press conference as a Real Madrid player..
Real Madrid officially unveiled their world record signing Cristiano Ronaldo today in front of approximately 75,000 screaming fans at the Santiago Bernabeu .

He was presented with the No. 9 shirt and he sat down and gave his first press conference for los Merengues.

You said you would not like to play as a striker. Do you prefer to play on the wings?

"I never said I did not like to play as a striker. I am not used to it. I prefer to play on the wing. But if I have to play as a striker, it's okay as I would just have to get used to it.

After this enthusiastic day, do you think you will be able to sleep?

"I will sleep, I am tired."

What are your thoughts on the presentation?

"It was a very beautiful feeling, I was delighted, I did not expect a full stadium, as you can expect, it's a good feeling, it was a dream, to enter and have a fully-packed stadium, it was impressive, I thought of my mother and my dad, and it was very beautiful."

What is your opinion about what the people here think of you?

"I feel that the people really like me and I will try to pay them back. The pressure is more than what I had at Manchester United, but I am an ambitious person and I will try to do my best."

What would you like to say to your former club and their supporters?

"I have to thank all the supporters, my boss, my friends, my team-mates, I was at the club for six years, I have friends there and good relationships there, people understand my decision and respect that my dream now is to play for Madrid.  I won many things in Manchester, but that's life, this is my new house, my new club and I will do everything here."

How was it to meet Alfredo di Stefano?

"It was a special moment, to meet one of most mythical persons of the club, it was a privilege, it was like meeting Bobby Charlton when I first joined Manchester United, it was a pleasure to meet all those mythical people, like Eusebio, who wished me luck. It was one of the most beautiful moments of my life."

What is your opinion of Real Madrid's heavy spending?

"I always believed that if a club want to have good players, they have to pay and Madrid made a very correct decision, they were very serious. I understand people, it was not a normal thing, I am happy to be the most expensive player in the history of football, it makes me proud, and I will show they were right to pay that figure for me.

To finally realise your dream, is it special?

I have always wanted to play here. After what I did at Manchester I wanted to change. This is the right club for me and I have no doubt about that. The presentation and wearing the kit for the first time is special.

What do you think that your role in the team will be?

"I am not the only one that plays. I will do my part to help the club win the league. We have a very good team, a great coach, we will have to think step by step, and then think about winning the Champions League. We will have to work hard.

Have you set a goal about the number of goals you want to score?

What I most want is to fit in as quickly as possible, then the goals will come naturally. There is no goal set but I will try to score as many goals as possible.

What did you think when you saw all those flags of your country?

It's always good to play abroad and see flags of our country. I saw many flags of Madeira and those are moments that makes you proud. All the things about the transfer and the stories, that is over now, now it's about being the best, helping the club, and making them see they were right to make this signing.

How was your farewell with Alex Ferguson?

Our farewell was very good, I have a very good relationship with him and it will always be like that, I went to Manchester, talked to him, and everything is fine, he is happy, I am happy, we have to move on now.

What is your opinion of Pellegrini?

"I have heard very good things of him. If he is here it's because he is very good. I have played Villarreal in the past and they were a very tough team. I hope we can win things together.

What is your opinion about the temptations of Madrid?

"To be successful, you have to work. It has to be a good job, there is time for everything, to work and to enjoy yourself. After all I have won, it was not because I was resting. I want to be in form, win individual and collective accolades, I will be in Madrid like if I were in another city.

Why wasn't your mother at the presentation?

"My mother could not come because of personal reasons, it was a decision made by us. I am sure she was in front of the TV, crying.

What do you think of Franck Ribery?

"Ribery is a good player, I saw him at Bayern but my job is to do to my best, you will have to ask the president.

You will now wear the No.9 shirt. Did you want the No.7?

"I wanted 7 but 9 is also a mythical number, it always makes me happy. The numbers do not play, I will try to do things the same way, regardless of the number on my shirt.

Have you spoken to some of your team-mates?

"I have spoken to Pepe and Gabriel Heinze, they welcomed me, they were happy, I have been friends with them. I won't have problems fitting in, I speak a little bit of Spanish and I will make more friends here."

Barcelona won a tremble last year. Do you think you can do the same?

"If we win the Champions League and the league, I will be very happy. If we can win that third title, even better. We will have to work hard, have to be organised as a team with a good spirit, then think about winning things. With the team we have, the coach, the president, the structure, I think if we train well, we have chances."

Do you want to take revenge on Barcelona for losing the Champions League final to them?

"There is no revenge for me. Of course I want to win, Barca have good players and so have Real Madrid. It will be a good spectacle."

What will be the differences between the Premier League and La Liga?

"I expect La Liga to be different. I played six years in the Premier League and it is very different from the Spanish League. It's faster and the players are stronger, but La Liga is also very competitive, small teams try to play good football. It has nice players, good teams, it will be interesting and I look forward to enjoying La Liga. In England there are very nice referees but in La Liga you have unbelievable referees."

You and Kaka live very different lives off the pitch. How will be your relationship with him?

My relationship with Kaka will be good. I like what I know of him and I am sure he will tell you the same. He will be a good friend of mine, I am sure of that.

What is your opinion about Karim Benzema?

"Benzema is a very good player, it was a very good signing. I am sure expectations about him are high after what he did at Lyon. I will like playing with him and I am sure he still has a lot to learn, like me, and I am sure he will enjoy it a lot."

The Real Madrid dressing room is known for not being a very good one. What do you think about it and how will be your relationship with Raul?

"From what I have heard, no-one has said bad things about the dressing room, quite on the contrary, all the players have their lives, and I am sure there will be no problems. I am sure Raul is a great person. I have never had any problems, and I won't have any now."

Which club are better, Barcelona or Real Madrid?

"Madrid are a special club, Barca are a good club, but Madrid are for me more special. I continue learning, not imitating others, I have my personality and I chase after my dream."

If you could choose, which league matches would you like to play the most?

"I want to play every match, if possible. All players like to play the big matches, like against Barcelona. I do not have any preference, I want to play every match, of course the derbies are special, I want to play them and win."

Have you spoken to Pellegrini?

"I have not had the opportunity to speak to Pellegrini. It will be a pleasure to work with him, I have heard great things about him. I cannot say anything else."

How will the team be oriented? Will it be oriented towards spectacle or results?

"This will be a result-oriented club, we want to be the team with the most points. If we can win and provide a good spectacle, the better, If not, we want the points."

Who is the favourite for the Ballon d'Or and the FIFA World Player of the Year awards? You or Messi?

"I am not worried about it [competition from Messi]. I want to have a good season, think about winning La Liga. The individual awards are important, yes, but they are not the most important."

Do you think you will cause trouble to the defenders of La Liga?

"I think the league here is not the same as in England. I think I am ready for this challenge, I eat well, I sleep well, I drink well, I am ready for La Liga. I hope I will cause some problems to the defenders, and I think it will be interesting."

Would you prefer to meet your former club, Manchester United, at the group stage or in the final of the Champions League here, at the Santiago Bernabeu?

"Alex Ferguson joked with me, he said he would like to meet me in the final here and that he would have Evra marking me. Madrid are my club now, I have good relations with Manchester United, I wish the best to Alex Ferguson and it will be nice, I hope."

Who do you think are favourites to win the title in Spain? Real or Barcelona?

"We will see who will win in the end. We have very good chances, like Barca. But there are more teams we will have to respect. The league is not just Barca and Real but I think we can come out on top in the end."

Who do you think is the best player in the world? You, Messi or Kaka?


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