Salas Invites Maradona & Zamorano To His Farewell Match

"El Matador" has invited Diego Maradona and Ivan Zamorano to attend his farewell match in early June...
Marcelo Salas has included Diego Maradona and Ivan Zamorano in his invites list to attend his official farewell match at the Estadio Nacional de Santiago on June 2.

Salas confirmed that other footballers who will receive an invitation, some active and others retired, are David Trezeguet, Christian Vieri, Pavel Nedved, Uruguayans Paolo Montero and Enzo Francescoli, and Argentines Diego Simeone and Matias Almeyda.

Everyone who was invited for the encounter, other than Maradona, were former teammates of the Chilean superstar.

Salas, who hung up his boots at the end of 2008, starred for the Chilean national team, as well as for Universidad de Chile, River Plate, Juventus and Lazio.

According to the 34-year-old, he will select a team made up of Chileans to face the foreigners in his farewell match.

"The idea is to choose a team of Chileans and another team of those who come from overseas. Most importantly I want to experience a good time with the people who were close to me during my career," Salas stated during a press conference.

The ex-striker affirmed that he feels comfortable in his new role as a director, as the owner of Union Temuco, a side currently in the Chilean third division.

"[Retiring] was a personal decision which I had planned for a long time. If it were for me I would have kept on playing," he concluded.

Gregory Sica,