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The Champions League is back after mere days off! The CL quarter-finals resume midweek with four thrilling ties:

Chelsea (3)-(1) Liverpool
Bayern Munich (0)-(4) Barcelona
Porto (2)-(2) Manchester United
Arsenal (1)-(1) Villarreal Manager players will watch each match with interest, as they could each be on the way to winning a fantastic BlackBerry, as well as being in the running to pick up the grand prize of an amazing Macbook Pro!

But if you've had no luck in picking up a matchday prize so far, or you're brand new to the game, what kind of team should you be picking? Here are a few suggestions to bear in mind:
  • Remember, as in the quarter-final first leg, you can choose three players from each side, as opposed to just two in the last round. If you foresee a particular team running up a cricket score, stack your team with a trio from them!
  • Where are the goals coming from? Free-scoring Barcelona knocked in four at Camp Nou, with Lionel Messi and Samuel Eto'o looking especially good - but will they manage the same in the away leg?
  • Remember the words of last week's winner, Steve Stylianou. He said to look at which teams will win and select players from those, rather than stars from losing sides, and also to remember that in tight games, goals from set pieces are invaluable.
  • At the same time, don't forget the clean sheet bonus. Do you reckon that Arsenal's home defensive record would make them a good bet here?
  • Check out some of the leaders' teams to see what kind of players have been blazing a trail so far!
And remember: even if this is your very first week, you have the same chance of winning a weekly prize as does a seasoned player. All of last week's winners were low or mid-ranked teams, and not the long-term leaders.

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Think you've got what it takes to win great prizes? Join Manager at - it's FREE!