Goal.com Poll Results: Vilanova is 'the perfect replacement' for Guardiola

With a new coach set to lead the Blaugrana from the 2012-13 season, the majority of Goal.com readers are convinced the Catalan giants made the right appointment
Pep Guardiola's announcement to leave Barcelona at the end of the 2011-12 campaign has predictably drawn an enormous global response. But part of the focus has also shifted to his current assistant and future successor, Tito Vilanova.

Following Barca president Sandro Rosell and sporting director Andoni Zubizarreta's decision to unveil Tito as the Blaugrana's new coach from next season onwards, Goal.com asked our readers if they felt the 42-year-old former midfielder was the right man to replace the club's most successful coach of all time.


A total of 4603 votes backed Vilanova as the ideal replacement. Although many of the readers believe that Barca will remain the same with Tito expected to inherit Guardiola's philosophies, there are those who also think the new man will be able to inject a fresh approach to the team to make the Blaugrana even stronger.

Here's what some of our readers had to say.

Vin, Sydney:

Tito will bring back a stronger Barca as he prefers the more secure 4-3-3 to Pep's 3-4-3 which cost Barca dearly this season. Having seen Barca defeated due to a weakened back line with three in defence Tito will surely resort to the tried and trusted and may even bring plan B into the equation which is to bring a tall striker like Llorente into the team in case the bus is parked by tall opponents and Barca can bombard from the air.

Younes, Morocco:
Yes! Tito is the perfect replacement for Pep. This will bring a smooth change and the players don't have to adapt to new ideas from an outsider.

Rodrigo, Coronado says:
Good choice...No drama and the players respect Tito.

Bravo, Universe:
Ok Tito, hope you change Barca from one dimensional team that know only how to attack, into multidimensional team that know how to be disciplined in defence and know how to play down the tempo when leading.

Madrid, Madrid:
Tito is the only coach who comes close to Guardiola's style and philosophy. And remember Tito must've had a part to play in Barca's success. This is the perfect replacement.


As expected, the 42-year-old Vilanova, who does not have any coaching experience with a youth or first team, did draw some scepticism as 3161 of the voters believe he is not the right man for the job. The criticism of his appointment was not scathing, but many felt the Blaugrana hierarchy could have done better.

Chelsea, Denmark:
He seems too young I think, he needs some more experience before moving to the A team.

Hossam (Man Utd), Sweden:
I don't like to judge someone before they actually have done something but for me it seems like the wrong choice. I think the decision about who's going to be the new coach went down to the fact that they probably wanted a Spanish man within the club but it's not about nationality for me. It's about finding the right man for the job and I think they've got it wrong here with all respect. I think they need to find someone during this summer with the Barca mentality to make sure that Barca is among the best.

Juma, Lagos:
I believe Barca will struggle with Tito. He has the same style as Guardiola true, but not the personality and character. Guardiola had the aura to make the players with their egos respect him and he is a workaholic that is why Barca were so successful.

Linsanity, Singapore:
No disrespect but Vilanova is not the right choice. Luis Enrique and Marcelo Bielsa would be my first two choices. Maybe Barca will sign one of them next season.