Poll Results: Keep The Faith In Mourinho

The readers have spoken, and a narrow majority favour the appointment of José Mourinho at Inter ahead of Roberto Mancini's staying in a job...
In light of Inter's recent travails we asked Goal.com readers yesterday whether or not the nerazzurri made the right decision in replacing Roberto Mancini with José Mourinho.

In the end the new boss won the day - but not by that much. 58% sided with 'The Special One', including eta from Jakarta, Indonesia, who said:

"If you notice, Mancini is not very good at tactics, especially against clubs that Inter never faced before. Did you see Inter-Liverpool last season ? Liverpool owned Inter tactically on two occassions. Mancini would only win CL with Inter in another 5 years. Right now, Inter trails capolista by 1 point, and leads their ECL group. I think its a great achievement for Mourinho. Let him do his work, for now his homework is Inter defenders, maybe he should put Burdisso on extra training, and teach him to use his head in play."

Of the 42% who felt otherwise, Rex from SA pulled no punches:

"Definitely mancini. Mourinho is an idiot. He is all mouth. So he won the league with Porto? There was only Benfica to beat. So he won the league with Chelsea? With that amount of money who couldn't? His only great achievement was the Champions League with Porto but there was a lot of luck involved such as all the big teams knocking each other out leaving only Monaco in the final. I hope he gets the sack - that would cut his massive ego down."

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--Goal.com team