Poll Results: Country Before Club!

The readers have spoken, and a majority believe that following one's country is more important than supporting their chosen club side...
We asked on Tuesday whether or not international football reigned supreme over the club game, and the results may surprise some.

52% voted that the country was more important for them, including Chris from Hong Kong:

"A country should always come first. Why? because the country made you the player you are or will become. Without the country, the player's upbringing could be significantly different and the potential that they have may never be realized. Club is important, but they only pay your wages, every player can go to a new club depending on their respective desire. However, a country can never change."

However, 29%, like Tafike from Brazil, disagreed:

"Once again I'll get criticized by saying this but the club should come first, always. blablabla it's your duty blablabla it's about patriotism and passion blablabla you'll only write your name in history if you perform well for your country (mostly in the WC). The fact is: a player who changes his club every season probrably won't play passionately for the team no matter if it's a nation or a club, because it's all about the money for him. But if you stick with a club for like 10 years, then you are making a choice wich imo shows much more commitment and passion than playing for the place you were born having no other choice. The fans of a club are much more passionated than the nation's ones for the same reason, they made a choice and stick with it and they see and support the team almost every day accompanying the news, the matches, etc, not like a national team that you support once every 2 years."

And then there were 19% who argued that the two were equal.

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--Goal.com team