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The readers have spoken, and a convincing majority have sided with Alex Ferguson over his recent call for a winter break in the Premier League...

The Manchester United boss is the latest of many managers to make a plea for an end to the congested festive fixture calendar, and his words seem to have struck a chord with readers.

Fully 69% of voters agreed with the call for a break of sorts for the Premier League. One of these was Nick from Denver, USA:

"This idea isn't recent. It could be the first time Sir Alex has come out in support of it, but it's not his idea nor a recent one. Arsene Wenger has always called for it, citing that a top footballer's schedule is too congested. Every year Erikson was coach of England, he went to the FA to try to implement a winter break. Although I am a huge fan of football and love watching it, I wouldn't mind the game becoming more "rare" which I think would be for the betterment of the quality of the game. Also, if someone can implement more time off in between matches to prepare for the next game AND a winter break, then this will help teams get players into shape and allow for injuries to heal."

That leaves 31% who said that the current state of affairs was fine, or at least feel that a less radical change would be better. Jan from the Netherlands argued:

"One of the successes of the EPL has been the big amount of competitive matches. I voted 'no' because it's fine now but the problem is the 3 matches in an week problem. But, that's Fifa's fault because of usuless international fixtures. I want to see football when it's raining and snowy, too. That's what i love about december, non-stop football."

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